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he Short 184 aircraft that took part in the Battle of Jutland ha a long and interesting history. It survived World War I intact but was then badly damaged in the bombing of London during World War II.  The cockpit and part of the fuselage are on display at Fleet Air Arm Museum and form the centrepiece of a new display making it a dynamic central feature of the World War I exhibition.  Using projection onto and around the airframe, the artefact is reinvigorated giving it energy, movement and life.  With a highly complex structure and glass case, this was a complex permanent installation, but the results bring its story to life.

For the X24 submarine a similar tale of valour and innovation was at the heart of this permanent installation, delicately playing the history of this incredible machine across its surface, and expolring the lives of the brave men who sailed in her.

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Illuminos Artworks

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