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SENTINELS #livingheroes GOES LIVE TONIGHT!  We will be projecting on the first group of trees after dark tonight (June 15th) with each portrait created one after the other as we move from site to site. Each portrait will be visible one after the other for around 10 minutes before the next is created on the next tree. 


The map of locations is shown above. Click on each green tree to see tonight's portrait name.  CLICK HERE to open in a larger window, showing in green the trees we will visit tonight, with their portrait names, nominators and messages. 


During these difficult times, we have partnered with Hits Radio  and City of Trees, to create a unique ‘tree tribute’ to key workers in the Greater Manchester area.

Over the last few weeks you've got involved by sharing a photo of a key worker on social media using #LivingHeroes and they are now set to be immortalised in an art project to celebrate the amazing work they've done.

As part of the project, 33 trees in and around the centre of Manchester will have the face of a nominated key worker projected on it.

City of Trees is a charity which aims to plant and nurture one tree for every person living in the city region (three million trees in total), has created a tree trail in Manchester City Centre with 33 notable trees.

The project, called Sentinels is our response to the coronavirus outbreak, and a way of using our artistic practice as celebration of those people who must continue to work - steadfast and unwavering, through this crisis.

The growth of these urban trees – the green against the grey - remind us of the life force of the many key workers that carry us through these difficult times. By forming each tree via video projection into living portraits, their actions can be celebrated - sentinels stood proud in the city.

Sarah Nurton from City of Trees charity also explained, "We hope this will be a fitting way to recognise and celebrate some of Greater Manchester’s amazing key workers. Each tree has its own unique character and we aim to match that with those nominated in a truly unique tribute."

Here is the list of individuals being projected onto the City of Trees Tree Trail this week. 

Projections take place after dark from around 10.15pm, and are subject to variations on the night. 

The map of locations, more detailed descriptions and nominations is shown above, and follow progress each night live at and on twitter @illuminosvales


Monday 15th June - Football Museum, Cathedral Gardens, Arndale


Charlene Karen Howie - mum and carer

Tommy Lamb - Porter

Debbie Lamb - Community Nurse

Louise Heap - Radiographer

Claire Pullan - Paramedic

Gary Pullan - Paramedic 

Lee Blackman - NHS Procurement

Paul Wharton Hardman - St Johns ambulance

Paul Lindsay - Binman

Laura Tabois - Nurse


Wednesday 17th June - Parsonage Gardens, Spinningfields, St Jonhs Gardens, Castlefield


Leanne Hayes - Physiotherapy and podiatry 

Liz Kemp - Physiotherapy and podiatry

Sherita Mandongwe - founder of Dimobi Children’s Disability Trust

Natalie Wilkinson - District Nurse

Dr Conchúbhair Winters - Doctor

Joseph Tickle - Clerical officer

The Shaughnessy family - Val Shaughnessy Registered General Nurse

Nick Shaughnessy Registered Mental Health Nurse 

Nicola Nuttall Registered General Nurse

Lauren Shaughnessy Registered Mental Health Nurse

Lee Leishman works in maintenance in a secure psychiatric hospital.

Nathan Shaughnessy care home housekeeping


Friday 19th June - Canal St, Sackville Gardens, Vimto Park


Ffion Burke - Physiotherapist

Maryellen Mctague- Chef

Kyle Carabini - Charge Nurse

Amanda Harrop -Staff nurse

Dr Saad Al-Dubbaisi - GP

Rina Tailor - Scientist

Rubina Adia - Physiotherapist

Olivia Barry - Junior Doctor


Sunday 21st June - St Anns Church, Albert Square, Bridgewater, Chinatown, Piccadilly Gardens, Tariff St, Stevenson Square.


Stephanie Anne Bradley - Ward sister

Andrew Davies - Carer

Becky Elliot - Reach out to the community

Steph Moore - Reach out to the community

Kurt Capulet - Carer

Dani Ella Wynn - Scrub Nurse

Maju Choudhury - Diagnostic Radiographer

Natalie Webb - Community midwife

This project is supported by the Arts Council and Epson Projectors.



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