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The Night Owl's Lullaby


On the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th of September, we invite you to stay up for the Night Owl - this beautiful gleaming creature has laid its eggs in locations around Bolton - new Night Owls ready to learn.  Its chicks are about to hatch, and they need to be nurtured with lullabies - calmed and cared for through the moon-lit night.  What songs do you sing to your children? What lines do you remember from childhood?  What words do you use as they drift off to sleep?  Bolton residents have shared their lullabies with us, to be brought to life in new projection artworks.   

So gather to see the owlets hatch, the Night Owl sing to her brood and the chicks take their first flight.    

The Night Owl can be spotted in Bolton Central Library in the lead up to a series of video projections, the locations and times are below.  Each night's 10 minute artwork is shown from 8pm - 9pm on a loop so you can view the pieces at any time within the hour.

16th September -  Horwich District Office (Lee Lane)

17th September - St Matthew's Church, Little Lever (Market Street side)

18th September - The Hub at Westhoughton (Central Drive side)

19th September - Farnworth Town Hall (Rawson Street side)

As we would like everyone to enjoy the events safely, we may need to ask you to move along after each showing, to enable more people to experience the artworks. Please keep a distance between people where possible during the show and wear face masks should you wish to do so.




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